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Coronavirus is here… and the time has come for us to take it seriously. 

Of course, it’s possible that—when we’re looking back on this years from now—our preventative measures may look silly. But the alternative is much worse. Indeed, the hour has come to take ourselves out of potentially perilous situations for our sake and the sake of others.  

While the world is a little more stressful today, it’s not a time to panic… even if you’re six feet away from people you love or stuck working from home. If you’ve got the coronavirus blues, staying serene, or even just staying sane, may seem impossible.

We’re here to help

Don’t let anxiety consume your thoughts. In fact, with a little reframing, you can even turn this “lockdown” into a mental health staycation.

Remember: It’s just as important to protect your mental health as it is your physical health. Here’s how to stay centered and weather the storm: 

  • Limit Your News Intake

There’s way too much information out there. And, as we’ve unfortunately seen before, it’s not all credible. So stay on top of the situation by, firstly, limiting the frequency of information to which you’re exposed. This doesn’t mean to stay ignorant, but check the news with intention, and only when you’re mentally prepared to do so. 

Whether that means turning off the television, disabling your notifications or putting your hands over your ears like the “Hear No Evil” monkey, make sure you aren’t inundated with every last update. Here are some tips for not getting swept up in a sea of hysteria:

    1. Select some trusted sources and stick to them
      • Seek support from friends and acquaintances who have a different world view from you. Don’t get caught in a feedback loop or echo chamber
    2. Turn off (some, if not all of) your push notifications
    3. Respect your limits
      • Especially with social media: Try moving, or even uninstalling, some of your go-to social channels so you won’t end up there unconsciously.
  • Make Lists 

When there’s a weight on your shoulders, it can be hard not to buckle. But don’t fall victim to an invisible foe! Look your adversary in the eye and let them know you are not afraid (or at least, that you see them!). A great way to do this is to take inventory of what’s going on in your life, both positive and negative!  

If there’s safety in numbers, then there is safety in numbered lists! Think about what makes you stressed, and what relieves your stress. Think about activities that bring you joy, and some that you haven’t done in a while. Here are some examples of lists that may be helpful to get you through the day: 

    1. List the things you’re grateful for, and why you’re happy to have them in your life 
      • Or the people you’re grateful for… and write it in a letter and send it to them! Odds are, they’re thinking of you too
    2. List the activities you can do while quarantining… and the things you’re going to do just as soon as you’re done practicing social distancing
    3.  List the people you love most, and how you can help them

If you’re especially worried about the virus, take this opportunity to think outside of yourself. Thinking broader can help you see the realities of the situation instead of constantly thinking over your fears

  • Learn Something New

This is a great way to divert your attention away from everything that’s going on around you. We can all make excuses for not having enough time for this or that. But, in reality, this is an opportunity to invest a little more time and attention into yourself, and into your mind! After all, if you change your perspective, you change the world! Don’t forget: Change can be good too!

Have you been wanting to learn a new language? No more excuses for not reading Tolstoy’s War and Peace in its native Russian, or watching Godard’s Le Mépris in its version originale.

Here are some suggestions for getting out of your head and back into the wide world of learning:

    1. Take an online class
    2. Practice the art of self-healing and self-care with a local healer
      • Don’t forget the essentials: 
        • Drink lots of water
        • Get restful sleep 
        • And get outside and exercise
      • Not to mention: 
        • Mindfulness 
        • Meditation 
        • And yoga, to name a few
    3. Try your hand at a new recipe

While life may seem chaotic now, it will be no time before we revert back to business as usual. Be easy on yourself and be open to new experiences to help the time pass. If you’re scared… that’s okay! Your feelings are valid, so show yourself some compassion and some love. 

These are just a few ideas on how to stay sane (not to mention, busy!) during these trying times. But this list is by no means exhaustive! 

Watch this space for more on coping with corona…

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