Sanctuary Centers has been providing comprehensive mental healthcare services in Santa Barbara since 1976. We have tailored our programs and resources based off our years of experience working within the community.

Services We Provide

Conditions We TreatA short list of the conditions we see and treat most often here at Sanctuary Centers

Since 1976, Sanctuary Centers has been proudly providing comprehensive mental health care services in the community of Santa Barbara. This list is by no means comprehensive. These are, however, some of the conditions we most commonly treat.

Mental Health Inpatient CareSanctuary House provides 24-hour residential mental health care services

Originally built in 1902, Sanctuary Centers’ beautiful Victorian Sanctuary House is a twelve bed residential program created for adults with mental illness as they learn to live independently. Our residential clients often come to us after or as an alternative to hospitalization. The warmth of the home itself and the cozy size of the program provides an ideal combination of privacy, peace, and family atmosphere for our clients as they focus on strengthening their independent living skills.

Mental Health Outpatient CareSanctuary Centers offers a broad spectrum of outpatient mental health services for those living in the community

Sanctuary Centers is proud to offer our community an extensive and inclusive day treatment program. Our range of services provides support, education, and treatment to our clients as they build a solid, stable foundation for their lives. This program is a strong match for individuals with mental health and/or co-occurring disorders who are in need of more than one weekly counseling session but do not require a full 24-hour inpatient care program. It is also a good fit for clients who are transitioning out of residential treatment programs, i.e. a drug and alcohol treatment center.

Mental Health Supportive HousingSupportive Housing promoting independent living in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara studio units

Located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, the Supportive Housing program provides independence and a sense of community to our clients in the form of affordable, large studio apartments.The program is designed to provide a sober, safe, and healthy environment that addresses the psychological issues and needs of our tenants. Tenants are surrounded by understanding peers and neighbors. A compassionate landlord gladly serves on the premises. As always, despite any changes in life circumstances that may arise due to mental illness and/or co-occurring disorders – including hospitalizations – Supportive Housing remains permanent for tenants.

Mental Health Integrated CareConveniently co-located medical, dental, and behavioral health services, proud to serve the entire community

When two organizations with more than 40 years experience serving their shared community teamed up, the Integrated Care Clinic was born. A fully unique collaboration between our team at Sanctuary Centers of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, the Integrated Care Clinic provides patient-centered, co-located medical, dental, and behavioral health services for adults living with mental illness, including substance use disorders. Though our clinic & services are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of those living with a mental illness–The Integrated Care Clinic is open to the entire community of Santa Barbara County.


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