Peer Mentoring is proven to be one of the most effective means of support for individuals experiencing a mental illness. As our clients successfully complete key milestones in the program, they are given the opportunity to participate in a healthy and enriching role as a peer mentor. Peer mentors are clients who have demonstrated success in our programs and possess the reliability, confidence, and familiarity needed to help guide newer clients as they move through the program. It is our goal for every client to learn to cultivate new, healthy relationships; peer mentorship provides the tools needed to do that.

Sanctuary Centers’ mentors provide assistance in specific areas such as: seeking and preparing for paid employment, navigating school, building relationships and activities in the local community, and independent living skills such as organization, cooking, budgeting, and providing emotional support.

Our mentors evaluate their skills and experience to determine the area that they feel most comfortable mentoring. Before working directly with a mentee, each mentor is provided a thorough training and orientation, during which they study reference materials and participate in phone, email or face-to-face training sessions. Once this period is complete, staff at Sanctuary Centers then select a mentee that matches each mentor’s skills, abilities, and coaching style.

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