Often, people tell us they want to get involved with Sanctuary Centers’ life-changing work, but they don’t know where to start. Sanctuary Centers offers numerous opportunities for you to help your neighbors living with mental illness.

New Building Project
Sanctuary Centers’ New Building Project represents a critical addition to our community. This new addition will provide 40 additional apartment studios for independent living, a tenant community space, a greatly expanded Integrated Care Clinic, and additional office space for individual and group therapeutic services.
Sanctuary Centers would not exist without our incredible volunteers. Whether dedicating their time to providing the additional support needed in our various treatment programs, engaging our clients in social activities, or assisting them with social and interpersonal skills, our volunteers are invaluable to the recovery of clients.
Peer Mentoring
Current clients who have reached key milestones in their recovery and who have gone through Sanctuary Centers’ programming may be offered the opportunity to mentor other individuals as they begin the recovery process.
Clinical Internships
Sanctuary Centers is proud to offer unique training programs for doctoral and pre-MFT students who have an interest in working with individuals living with serious mental health and co-occurring disorders. Contact us for more information.
Training for Mental Health Professionals
In an effort enrich professional knowledge and investigate new treatment options in the field, Sanctuary Centers offers various training sessions throughout the year.


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